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Vanderpool Designs VisionSPEC Series

Welcome to the VisionSPEC Series!


Vanderpool Designs is now launching our first line of 3D printed eyewear! The general concept of the VisionSPEC collection is we will design a few versions of frames in various well themed series and make it that you can easily interchange a variety of ear temples how ever you would like with different materials, shapes and colors to match your mood or style. You will be able to customize your glasses with different frames and temples quickly with no tools necessary. The lenses are easy to find & mass produced so you have many to choose from (we include the lens set in the VisionSPEC series information). You would be able to order complete Signature sets in the Vanderpool store where we will fabricate, assemble and finish your glasses from my Vanderpool designs store. Or you can manually and affordably assemble your own set on my shapeways site so you are entirely in control of the combinations.

You will also help the normalization/optimization of ‘made at order’ additive manufacturing which cut down on excess product production material waste by using only whats needed and the increased possibility for a more personalized tailored product!


Where to Order?

Vanderpool Designs Shapeways Store

(Assemble your own set)

Vanderpool Designs Store

(Order Complete Signatures sets)


Frame Launch Status

SPEC2- Coming very soon, ironing out the kinks!

SPEC3- Promo Sets being fabricated, and ready to take special orders! Frames and temples are available at my Shapeways store for order!

SPEC4- Coming soon, going through R&D!

VisionSPEC’s Product Description


Here is what some full sets look like! Note the cool light 3D printer matte texture!






An awesome Industrial designer!!!

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