After completing projects with a client I always ask if I can share their work in my portfolio, if they decline the project I fully understand and will not disclose the work they paid for. The cool thing about these projects are that it produces one off’s or highly exclusive pieces via client’s request, so images on this page could be the only time you see it.

Here are some of the fun projects I can share that i’ve been a part of! I’ll add more as I can share them!


Commissioned Projects

‘RN Nurses Ring’

This project is a client’s ground up dream of a nurse’s ring! First we talked about what she was envisioning for the ring and then I sketched out thumbnails of different versions of the interpreted vision. Once a design was picked I made a digital 3d model of the ring and modified and tweaked the designs further. At this point we had two design themes going and decided to make 3d printed plastic prototypes of both themes. When the prototypes were printed I had the client verify the sizing and chose which design theme to move forward with (The prototypes are the clients to keep if they want). After figuring out the theme, I made a few more tweaks and sent the final off to the printers to be printed in Silver! Now my client has a unique ring that she was a major part in creating.

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