Welcome my honored ‘Guests” to your VIP Studio Tour


When you are engaged in a project with me, I will reserve a private page on this site solely for you called VIP Studio. I will share budget information and share images of the development of your project.

Feel free to contact me after 7pm-10pm on the weekdays and any time on the weekends.

Personal Cell: 901.267.8801

Office: 248.469.8538

Email: vanderpooldesignsllc@gmail.com

Google Hangout Video Chat- vanderpooldesignsllc@gmail.com


Your agreed budget range-


Deposit for Design Services-

$500(Thanks for your timely payment)

Payment 1-

$2000.00 (Thanks for your timely payment on 01.01.2018)

Current Total-$3750

Current Paid-$2500




Sketch Renders


Prototype Ver1


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  1. Patrick Vanderpool

    Make sure to check the “Notify me of new comments via email” box!

    1. Patrick Vanderpool

      Wow they’ve turned out great! I’ll order a pair from the shapeways link you emailed me earlier in a premium finish material so I can experience the ordering process and have a prototype for myself. Make final design changes please and verify the prototype after you print it! Thanks so much!

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