Vanderpool Designs Future product- 3D Printed Sunglasses Prototype

The prototype glasses are in! Overall they look pretty good especially because they read well even in the cheaper 3d printer prototyping material but they match the sketch almost entirely. I already have a list of improvements that will make the next iteration the best ever for the Vanderpool Designs brand of sunglasses. Although, it is printed in prototype material, I kind of like the 3d printing layering effect (stair step) in some areas. I can’t wait to finalize the design and have it available for all of my clients and future customers! The thing I like most about 3D printing via shapeways or my website is that I can deliver my sketch in its purest form directly to ‘you’ fresh off the press everytime. You have the choice to order it in different materials from the rough prototype material to various metals if you like. You would also have the option to interface directly with Vanderpool Designers to have a custom pair made for you. Check out the snaps I took of it!

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